Southern Fire



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Welcome to Southern Fire Kennels. Located in East Tennessee we are a small breeder of hunting standard wirehaired dachshunds.  We have bloodlines from Poland, Serbia, Germany and Spain striving to produce the best pups we possibly can. If you are looking for a versatile little hunting dog that can excel at a variety of tasks the working dachshund may be the breed for you.

Our Guarantee and Conditions.

Located in East Tennessee We strive to produce the highest quality working dachshunds absolutely possible but even with proven dogs things still happen. So every Southern Fire pup comes with a 12 month old guarantee against any genetic issues. Also a will to work guarantee. What that entails any genetic problem I must receive diagnosis in detail from your vet. That will then be shared with my vet who will make the final assessment. Pup with genetic disorder must be returned to me and ownership reverted back to me. Then you will be eligible to receive a new pup from the next litter we produce. Absolutely no monetary refunds only replacements with returned ownership of current dog.

Will to work guarantee is also 12 months old. You must return pup to me for a evaluation. I will then make a determination on breeding or training being the cause of the issue. ( You can not expect to put pup in kennel or cooped up in house all year then it magically track a wounded deer or run a rabbit when season comes around) If I feel the dog lacks the drive required ownership will revert to me. You then will be eligible for first possible pick from our next litter. We hope to always produce fantastic pups for many years to come and look forward to continuing that journey with new and current owners.


All pups will be sold with only LIMITED AKC registration. Pups will picked by me for each individual home and also be named on their permanent registration by me using alphabetical litter order. For example litter A female pup would look something like Anna Vom Southern Fire. I'm spending every day with pups until they go home so I am able to see more of their individual personalities then new owner can from a picture or video.

Prices are $2000.00 total and you must send in a $400 deposit to be placed on waiting list. The chances of a pup coming available without doing this while not impossible is very unlikely. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE Things can happen small litters, deaths in litters or failed breedings no way to guarantee a specific litter. Anything on my end be it not enough pups or issues with litter your deposit transfers to next available pup which will depend where you’re at on waiting list. I know waiting isn’t fun but it is only fair way to do things. Thank you for understanding